Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Brand Authenticity: A Study of Sustainable Brands


The concept of authenticity in brands is increasingly important both in products and services. Despite of the recent attempts towards conceptualization of perceived brand authenticity, less research has been directed to study the predecessors and impact of perceived brand authenticity on other variables and constructs in marketing research which include, co-creation engagement and customization. Future researches suggested further study on customization and co-creation engagement in relation with perceived brand authenticity. Researchers have also called for more thorough and rigorous examination of different outcomes of perceived brand authenticity. It was also noted by previous researches that problem with research in marketing is that new concepts keep on emerging without examination of the link between previously known concepts. This study has contributed in this area by examining the consequents of co-creation and customization. The study has been conducted through web based survey which is quite common in this stream of research. Consumers from fan pages of pages of brands involved in co-creation and customization have taken the survey from around the globe; they were asked if they have participated in any co-creation and customization activity.

The Structural Equational Modeling (SEM) was deployed by the study for regression. Results revealed positive impact of co-creation and customization on Perceived brand authenticity, Satisfaction with life, Self-esteem, Brand Loyalty and Brand Trust. Moderating effects of Need for uniqueness and Perceived Tool support were also observed. Study further supported effects of psychological outcomes on Word of Mouth. Brand could further emphasize its integrity by promoting its social involvement. Self-concept theory along with self-expansion theory acts as an overarching theory in this study, as it provides the basis to examine individuals ability and desire to know thy self and expand it by inclusion of others i:e people, objects etc. From a managerial perspective, it is essential for brands to be consistent with their image and values and to avoid promises they cannot keep consumers.

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