Research group head Profile

This group is jointly headed by Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Qadir and Dr. M. Tanvir Afzal.

Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Qadir: Twenty five years of my career can be categorized into three main areas as industry, academia and management. I am currently actively involved in teaching / R&D and academic management. I have been teaching and doing research in the development of simple and efficient algorithms to solve real-life problems by using soft computing. From times to times, I have been focusing on problems in different domains. My current focus is on semantic web, multimedia semantics, Ontologies, distributed systems and bioinformatics as is clear from more than 80 research publications in international refereed proceedings and journals.

I have been playing a leading role in the management of industry and academia and have produced significant results in achieving the goals of these R&D organizations. I have played a pivotal role in the organization of three international conferences in Pakistan. I am also on the program committees of various international conferences. I am also a reviewer of the many international journal publishing articles in the area of Computer Science. I have presented my scholarly work in many reputed conferences all over the world. Under my supervision, more than 40 students have successfully completed their research thesis at MS and PhD level and a number of research students are pursuing their research with me.

Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal: Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal received the PhD degree with high distinction in Computer Science from the Graz University of Technology, Austria, secured Gold medal in his M.Sc Computer Science from Quiad-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He has been associated with academia and industry at various levels for the last 15 years, and currently he is serving as Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. He is serving as editor-in-chief for reputed impact factor journal known as: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Dr. Afzal authored more than 80 research papers in the field of Digital Libraries, Semantic Web, and Social Web including two books. His ISI impact factor is 35+. With citations over 250. He played pivotal role in making collaborations between MAJU-JUCS, MAJU-IICM, and TUG-UNIMAS. He served as PhD symposium chair, session chair, finance chair, committee member, and editor of several IEEE, ACM, and IARIA international conferences and journals. Dr. Afzal conducted more than 100 curricular, co-curricular, and extra- curricular activities in the last 5 years including seminars, workshops, national competitions (ExcITeCup) and invited international and national speakers from Google, Oracle, IICM, IFIS, SEGA Europe, Huawei etc. He is director of an active research group such as: Data Science and Scientometrics (DSS). Under his supervision, more than 50 post grad students have defended their research theses successfully and a number of PhD and MS students are pursuing their research with him.

Introduction of the group

Centre for Research in Data Science, Semantics, & Scientometrics (CRDS3) is an active research group working to solve real problem using Computer Science technologies. CRDS3 has produced significant output in the form of funded research projects, PhD supervision, and MS theses supervision.


S. No Name Email Designation
1 Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir aqadir@ Head/Supervisor
2 Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal mafzal@ Head/Supervisor
3 Mr. Imran Ihsan Supervisor
4 Mr. Touseef Ikram Member
5 Mr. Faisal Kiyani Member
6 Mr. Shehbaz Ahmed Member
7 Ms. Raabia Asif Member
8 Mr. Sajjad Haider Member
9 Ms. Humaira Waqas Member
10 Mr. Raja Muhammad Waqas Ahmed Member
11 Ms. Faiza Qayyum faizaqayyum@ Member
12 Mr. Saqib Nazir Member
13 Mr. Muhammad Saboor Ahmed saboor@ Member
14 Mr. Aadil ur Rehman Member
15 Ms. Saman Saeed Member
16 Mr. Haifz Habiab Ahmad Member
17 Ms. Hira Riaz Member
18 Ms. Quratul Ain Member
19 Mr. Ahmer Maqsood Hashmi Member


Research Areas

  1. Semantic Web;
  2. Data Science;
  3. Ontologies;
  4. Information Retrieval;
  5. Information Visualization;
  6. Scientometrics.

R & D Projects

S. No Title Year Cost Funding Agency Status
1 Dynamic bandwidth aggregation in heterogeneous wireless networks for Mission Critical Applications 2013 PKR14,096,032Million ICT R&D Fund Completed
2 High-Quality Tele-Medicine Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrates 2017 PKR 25,424,499 Million ICT R&D Fund Completed