Effect of Linear Thermal Radiation and Mangnetohydrodynamics on Non-Newtonian Fluids


In this dissertation, boundary layer ow of Carreau uid ow over a sensor surface in a squeezed channel, micropolar uid past a vertically stretching sheet in the presence of gyrotactic micro-organisms and tangent hyperbolic uid past a stretching sheet and a wedge have been analyzed with some realistic e ects. To enhance the thermophysical properties the concept of nanoparticles has been used in few cases. In all the problems, Buongiorno model has been used to study the flow elds. The e ect of magnetohydrodynamics in fluid mechanics is used to modi ed the flow elds in the desired direction. In the study of heat transfer, the e ect of thermal radiation phenomenon is signi cantly important and cannot be ignored. In all problems the magnetohydrodynamics and linear thermal radiation e ects have been considered. Furthermore, the Joule heating, viscous dissipation e ect, convective and slip boundary conditions, strati cation, suction and injection parameters have been considered in di erent discussed problems.

Modeled equations are based on the conservation laws under the boundary layer approximation in the form of di erential equations. With the assistance of appropriate similarity transformation, the governing set of partial di erential equations are rendered into nonlinear ordinary di erential equations. In all problems the resulting ordinary di erential equations are solved with the help of the well known shooting technique along with the Runga-Kutta integration scheme of order four. In all problems the authentication of the computed results is obtained through benchmark with the previously reported cases in the literature. The present computations of all the problems have good concord with the results of the published articles. The inuence of various pertinent parameters on the velocity, temperature and concentration pro les has been analyzed graphically and discussed in detail. The quantities of interest like the skin friction coecient, the Nusselt number and Sherwood number are also computed and analyzed.

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