– Development of sound familiarity with the
– J2EE Overview and architecture
– Servlet JSP architecture
– Server-side components
– JSP MVC architecture
– Component based JSF (Java Server Faces) Framework
– Front-end development
– Persistence APIs
– Use of Postgresql Server and JBoss Server: Students should be able develop enterprise and distributed application using JEE specifications.
– Development of an application program with a back-end database as a course project


CLO: 1. Acquire the basic concepts and uses of J2EE specifications and technologies with different applications/Systems. [C1 – Knowledge]
CLO: 2. Describe and apply different stages of enterprise application development using different J2EE technologies [P3 – Comprehension]
CLO: 3. Build code of Structured Query Language (SQL) for database definition and manipulation using any DBMS, and code for server side functionalities using different J2EE technologies. [C3 – Application]


– Overview of Java Programming
– Overview of N-tier Enterprise Applications
– Architecture of Java Enterprise Edition Applications
– Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
– Java Servlet Architecture and Life Cycle
– Java Servlet Implementation
– Request and Response Handling
– Java Server Pages Architecture and Basic Syntax
– Java Server Pages Life Cycle and Implementation
– Architecture and Life Cycle of Java Server Faces
– Implementation of Java Server Faces
– Overview of Hibernate Framework
– Spring Framework Overview and Implementation
– Spring Implementation
– Spring with Hibernate