Green Biotechnology

Department: Bioinformatics and Biosciences

Dr. Erum Dilshad

Designation: Head/Supervisor

Research group head Profile

Dr. Erum Dilshad: PhD in Plant Biotechnology, with main focus on enhancement of antimalarial compound by genetic transformation of Artemisia species along with its phytochemical analysis including cancer cell line studies.

Dr. Arshia Amin Butt: PhD in Microbiology and molecular biotechnology. Main areas of focus are taxonomy and systematics, diversity analysis form extreme environments, characterization and validation of Novel bacteria from extreme environments, tissue culture and transformation, bacterial metabolites encapsulation.

Introduction of the group

Research is focused on production of transgenics of both medicinal and edible crops for enhancement of secondary metabolites, tolerance against biotic and abiotic stress along with their phytochemical analysis. It also involves establishing plant tissue culture, biological evaluation of synthetic and natural compounds and cancer cell line studies and Nanobiotechnology.

The group will also work on diverse areas within the domain of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Dairy Microbiology, Systematics and Taxonomy, Tissue Culture and bacterial metabolites encapsulation.



S. No Name Email Designation
1 Dr. Erum Dilshad dr.erum@ Head/Supervisor
2 Dr. Arshia Amin Butt arshia.butt@ Member
3 Naqoosh Zahra Member
4 Fatima tu Zahra Member
5 Mehmoona Bibi Member
6 Kamran javed Member
7 Iqra Bashir Member
8 Farhan Kamal Bakhtiar Member
9 Sajida Tayaba Member
10 Tahseen Member
11 Zainab Noorudin Member
12 Bareera Sajid Member
13 Maria Anees Member
14 Syeda Sojla Member
15 Zainab Bashir Member
16 Zainab Rasheed Bhutto Member
17 Hafsa Raja Member

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Research Areas

  1. Plant Tissue Culturing
  2. Plant and Bacterial Genetic Transformation
  3. Phytochemistry
  4. Bioassays
  5. Nanobiotechnology
  6. Dairy Microbiology
  7. Systematics and Taxonomy
  8. Identification and characterization of novel bacteria form extreme habitats.
  9. Tissue Culture and Bacterial Metabolites Encapsulation.