Healthcare biotechnology refers to a medicinal or diagnostic product or a vaccine that consists of, or has been produced in, living organisms and may be manufactured via recombinant technology (recombinant DNA is a form of DNA that does not exist naturally.


CLO: 1. To comprehend the basic principles of Health biotechnology [C2-Comprehension].
CLO: 2. Apply the gene manipulation techniques Knowledge to diagnosis and treatment [C2-Analysis]
CLO: 3. Analyze the different applications of genetically modified organisms related issues (Current Tool Usage)


  • Introduction to course
  • Biotechnology basics. Gene expression basics
  • Social acceptance of medical biotechnology
  • Molecular basis of disease;
  • Detection of mutations and infectious agents;
  • Molecular and genetic markers;
  • Active and passive immunization
  • Vaccines (live, killed, recombinant DNA vaccines, subunit vaccines, DNA vaccines, edible vaccines);
  • Organ transplantation
  • Applications of transgenic animals (animal models of diseases, farming and enhancement of farm animals)
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Blood transfusion and grafting techniques;
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Gene therapy
  • Biopharmaceuticals from plants
  • Stem cell technology