This lab covers the basic knowledge of commonly used applications such as word, excel, power point and Visio. This helps the students to develop algorithms and flowcharts and provides basic knowledge of programming.


CLO: 1. Acquire basic knowledge of the tools commonly used like word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio to develop different documents (Level: C1)
CLO: 2. Develop an understanding to solve different problems. Write small scale C programs using acquired skills, design algorithms and draw flow charts to represent problem. (Level: C2)
CLO: 3. Apply programming skills to develop a small scale application using C language. (Level: C3)


  1. Computer hardware and application software
    • Basic building block of computer hardware and software, how to search, email, open server, save files, send prints on server printer etc.
  2. Introduction to Word
    • How to write documents in word and the use of editing option available in word.
  3. Introduction to Excel
    • How to create spreadsheets in excel, implement different formulas on data, chart and diagram generation
  4. Introduction to PowerPoint
    • Make presentation, use of different option like transition, animation etc
  5. Introduction to Visio and Flow Chart Designing
    • Create block diagrams and flow charts.
  6. Introduction to C programming language
    • How to install and use Visual C environment, project creation and run basic Hello word program
  7. Input/output operators
    • Take input from the user and display the results
  8. Relational and Logical operators
    • Understanding of relational and logical operators
  9. Selection structure-I (Nested If else)
    • Implement conditional statement in C e.g If-else
  10. Selection structure-II (Switch Statement)
    • Implement conditional statement in C e.g Switch statement
  11. Repetition structure-I
    • Introduction to loops and understanding of for loop.
  12. Repetition structure-II
    • Understanding and implementation of While loop and do while loop