Machine design is a core course that equips students with the basics of mechanical engineering design. It prepares students for the engineering problems encountered and everyday life. Knowledge of Statics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials is a pre-requisite for a better understanding of fundamental design concepts.


CLO: 1. Evaluate engineering components solution by identifying the required factors among the given data. C5
CLO: 2. Design and Analyze all elements of project related to Machine design by following the defined constraints and meeting the optimal objective solutions.C6
CLO: 3. Select a project related to design of machine elements and demonstrate the ability to complete the task while adhering to the guidelines. A2


Spur, Helical, Bevel and Worm Gears – Ten Lectures
• Geometry and nomenclature of Spur, Helical, Bevel and Worm Gears
• Forces in Spur, Helical, worm and Bevel gears.
• Stress calculations in spur, helical and bevel gears.
• Material strength calculations for gears.
• Rating method in Wormsets.
Design of Flywheels – Three Lectures
• Energy variations in a rotating system
• Determining the flywheel inertia
• Stresses in flywheels
• Failure criteria
Rolling Element Bearings – Three Lectures
• Types of Rolling Element Bearings.
• Failure of Rolling Element Bearings.
• Selection of Rolling Element Bearings.
i. Basic dynamic load rating
ii. Basic static load rating
iii. Combined radial and thrust loads
iv. Calculation procedures
Sliding Contact Bearings – Four Lectures
• Full-Film Lubrications
• Boundary Lubrications
• Hydrodynamic Theory of Lubrication
• Design of Hydrodynamic Bearings
Design of Clutch / Brakes – Five Lectures
• Different types of clutches and designing concepts
• Different types of brakes and designing concepts
Design of Power Screws – Three Lectures
• Introduction to power screws
• Stresses in power screws
• Efficiency of power screws
• Applications of power screws
Flexible Machine Elements – Four Lectures
• Introduction to belts
• Flat and round belt drives
• Flat metal belts
• V belts
• Roller chains
• Wire ropes