PhD Programs in CUST

At the time of its genesis, the founders of the university had a dynamic institution in mind that would act as a catalyst of change to mold our society in the cast of a knowledge based economy by proactively contributing towards the troika of industry, academia and the government. These multi-dimensional objectives can be achieved by flourishing a culture of research and innovation in the university. Such an environment can only be sustained through a very strong and mature PhD program.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, CUST is one of the very few universities in the country having a mature PhD program characterized by well-established calendar of advanced postgraduate courses and crystal clear academic processes. This has become possible by the retention of seasoned faculty in its PhD programs who not only excel in research but also are actively linked with the national industry.

Above everything our research culture is extremely student friendly. We do not put the burden of quality research solely on the student. Rather, the student gets help and nurturing in the form of extremely motivated supervisors, well established research groups which have matured over decades and a preserved database of the research conducted at the university in the form of PhD theses and publications.

PhDs Discipline

  1. PhD Electrical Engineering
  2. PhD Mechanical Engineering
  3. PhD Civil Engineering
  4. PhD Computer Science
  5. PhD Mathematics
  6. PhD Management Sciences
  7. PhD Bio-science

No. of PhDs Produced

  1. CUST/MAJU PhD students graduated till 14th Convocation dated 06-12-2018.
Sr.No. Programs PhDs
1 PhD – MGMT 59
2 PhD – CS 20
3 PhD – EE 44
4 PhD – BI 3
5 PhD – MATHS 9
Total 135
  1. CUST PhD students for Convocation 2019.
Sr.No. Programs PhDs
1 PhD – MGMT 3
2 PhD – CS 2
3 PhD – EE 4
4 PhD – BI 1
5 PhD – MATHS 2
Total 12


  1. For admission into the PhD program, a minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 (in the Semester System) or First Division (in the Annual System) in MS or Equivalent shall be required.
  2. University admission test with minimum of 60% marks or HEC approved test having 60 or higher percentage shall be required.
  3. The PhD program shall have a total of 48 Cr. Hrs. out of which 18 Cr. Hrs. shall be for the course work which shall be qualified, as PhD scholar, with a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00.
  4. A maximum allowable registration in a Spring or in a Fall semester for a PhD scholar shall be 09 Cr. Hrs., whereas, it is 06 Cr. Hrs. in a Summer semester.
  5. A PhD scholar shall register in each semester during his/her studies. If a PhD scholar remains unregistered for two consecutive semesters, it shall lead to the cancellation of the admission.
  6. After the completion of course work, a PhD scholar is required to qualify the comprehensive examination within a maximum of two attempts to get the PhD candidacy status.
  7. A scholar is required to register for a comprehensive examination which shall be conducted in the 2nd week of each semester with the under mentioned specifications:
    1.  The subjects and course contents of the comprehensive examination shall be defined by the respective department.
    2. Scholars are required to qualify both oral and written parts of comprehensive examination and the cumulative qualifying score for comprehensive examination shall be 60%.
    3.  Scholars who have registered but did not appear shall be awarded F grade and attempt shall be counted.
    4. A withdrawal from comprehensive examination registration shall be communicated in writing by the scholar at least two working days prior to the holding of examination.
  8. A Research Synopsis shall be submitted by the PhD candidate at least two semesters prior to the dissertation submission, and the semester in which it is submitted shall be counted.
  9. Synopsis shall be examined by a committee comprising of:
Title Designation
Dean of Faculty/His Nominee Chairman
One BASR nominee Member
One internal examiner Member
Supervisor Member
  1. The Synopsis shall be graded as Pass/Fail and in case of a ‘Fail’ grade the candidate may request in writing for another chance.
  2. A PhD scholar, during the research phase is required to earn a satisfactory report at the end of each semester.
  3. Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper from the PhD work as principle author, in HEC approved category journal, at the time of acceptance/publication, shall be required.
  4. The dissertation may be submitted after the completion of 30 research Cr. Hrs. and with an active registration status at the time of submission.
  5. A dissertation shall be cleared for evaluation if its similarity index is less than 20% in total and less than 5% from a single source. Similarity from the student’s own published work carried out during the PhD studies shall be excluded.
  6. In case of any ambiguity in plagiarism assessment, the following committee shall evaluate the case and shall submit its recommendations to the BASR for decision:
    1. Concerned Dean
    2. Concerned HoD
    3. Student’s Supervisor
    4. Director Graduate Studies
  7. The dissertation shall be evaluated by at least two foreign experts from a technologically / academically advanced country as per HEC list.
  8. At least five foreign examiners shall be proposed by the Dean in consultation with the Supervisor. Of these five the BASR shall approve only three.
  9. The PhD dissertation shall have at least two out of three positive foreign evaluations to allow the candidate for the final defense.
  10. The Dean shall propose the local examiners in consultation with the Supervisor for the approval of the BASR.
  11. An open final defense for the PhD dissertation shall be carried out by a committee comprising of:
Title Designation
Dean of Faculty Chairman
Two external examiners Members
One internal examiner Member
Supervisor Member
  1. On the conclusion of the final defense, the Chairman, in the absence of the candidate and audience, shall invite the examiners for voting on one of the following options:
    1.  accepted as is;
    2.  accepted with minor revisions;
    3.  accepted with major revisions.
  2. A dissertation with minor revisions shall be submitted within 04 weeks from the date of examination and shall be accepted with a certificate from the Supervisor that ‘the revisions have been incorporated’.
  3. A dissertation with major revisions shall be submitted within 12 weeks from the date of examination and shall be accepted with certificates from both external and internal examiners that ‘the revisions have been incorporated satisfactorily.
  4. The date of completion shall be the date of examination in case of minor revisions whereas it shall be the date of re-submission in case of major revisions.
  5. The Chairman shall ensure the communication of examiners comments to the scholar, if any.
  6. A maximum allowable duration, inclusive of semester break, for the PhD program shall be 05 years from the date of admission whereas, the normal duration is 03 years.
  7. PhD scholars are required to comply with the following timeline. In case of failure, his/her case shall be referred to the BASR.
Activity Preffered Time Maximum
Course Work 2 Semesters 3 Semesters
Comprehensive Exam 3 Semesters 4 Semesters
Synopsis Qualification 4 Semesters 6 Semesters
Thesis Submission 6 Semesters 10 Semesters
  1. A scholar may repeat a course in which he/she has earned B- or below.
  2. A scholar may get an elective course substituted with another elective course with the approval of the department.
  3. The PhD program completion shall be subject to the approval of the BASR. However, a transcript / provisional certificate indicating program completion may be issued, on the recommendations of the Dean, by the Chairman of the BASR.
  4. Decisions of the BASR in respect of comprehensive exam, synopsis and PhD completion shall be issued over the seal of the Registrar.
  5. Four copies of the final thesis along with a soft copy shall be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office.
  6. Anything not covered in these rules & regulations or in case of any ambiguity, the decision and interpretation of the University shall be final and binding for implementation.