Numerical Simulations of Squeezing Flow Problems in a Channel


This thesis is devoted to the study of squeezing fluid flow between two parallel plates. The results are obtained regarding the flow behavior of Newtonian, Maxwell, Casson and micropolar fluid flow. Instead of Fourier’s and Fick’s laws, heat and mass transfer mechanisms are discussed by using the Cattaneo-Christov heat and mass fluxes. The impact of entropy generation has been considered. For the enhancement of thermophysical properties of such fluids, the concept of nano-fluid is utilized. No slip and strati cation e ects at the boundary are taken into account. Further, the e ect of chemical reaction and thermal radiation are also considered. The physical flow models are governed in the form of prtial differential equations. The governing partial di erential equations of the fluid flow are converted into ordinary di erential equations by using the similarity transformation. The ordinary di erential equations are solved numerically. Shooting method with fourth order Runga Kutta integration scheme is used to calculate the numerical results. For the validation of the results obtained by the shooting method, a MATLAB built in function bvp4c is also employed. A comparison of presently computed and already publish results is made. The quantities of physical signi cance, for example skin friction, Nusselt number and sherwood number are computed numerically and presented through tables. The e ect of physical parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration have been investigated through graphs.

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