This course professional ethics and legal issues designed for the students to understand the legal requirements of business startups and execution in Pakistan. This Course is comprised of maximum acts and regulations deals with business and information technology. After study this course students got very comprehensive knowledge of business and IT related legal issues.


CLO: 1.Understand the functions of the legal system of Pakistan
CLO: 2.Understand the legal requirements for initiating businesses
CLO: 3.Apply the registration procedures of different business entities
CLO: 4.Understanding the IT laws in Pakistan


• Introduction to Law, Definitions, Classification of Law, Sources of Law, Hierarchy of these sources and detailed difference between Civil Law and Criminal Law.
• Introduction to Pakistani Legal System, Three Organs of the state, Executive, Legislature and Judiciary their functions and structures.
• Process of Legislation in Pakistan under the constitution of Islamic Republic of Law.
• Introduction to the Law of Contract, Definitions, Essentials for Valid Contract and the kinds of Contract.
• Detailed study of differences between Valid Contract, agreement, Void contract, voidable contract, void agreement and illegal agreement, their effects in accordance with enforcement.
• Offer and acceptance its essentials, revocation and termination, Consideration and Object, Capacity of Parties.
• Free Consent: (Coercion, undue influence, fraud, misrepresentation and mistake)
• Performance of Contract
• Discharge of Contract
• Remedies For Breach of Contract
• Contract of Agency and Kinds of Agency
• Rights and Duties of Agent and Principal
• Sub Agent, Substitute Agent, Pretended Agent • Un-named Principal,
• Undisclosed Principal • Revocation of Agency, Irrevocable Agency
• Formation of Partnership
• Distinguish b/w Partnership and Company
• Distinguish b/w Ownership and Partnership
• Rights and duties of Partners.
• Qualified and Absolute Duties.
• Kinds of Partners
• Property of Partnership.
• Dissolution of Partnership
• Introduction to Negotiable Instruments.
• Characteristics of negotiable Instruments.
• Kinds of negotiable Instruments, Promissory Notes,
• Bill of exchange, Cheques
• Banker and Customer Relations,
• Kinds of Cheques, Payment in due course.
• Cyber laws
• Cyber Laws