Research Group of Renewable Energy

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Group is actively involved in multidisciplinary research with focus in clean energy including power from solar radiation, wind, biomass, and hydropower from river, ocean waves, and tides. Various aspect of photovoltaic power technology. Also, solar water heating and other thermal applications.


Sr. No. Name
1 Dr. Mohammad Javed Hyder
2 Dr. Mahabat Khan
3 Dr. Waqas Akbar Lughmani
4 Dr. Muhammad Irfan
5 Mr. Saif Ullah
6 Mr. Tauseef Ahmed
7 Mr. Fakhar Ul Hasnain

Recent Research Activity

Sr. No. Name
1 Optimum Design and development of Flat-plate solar water heater with forced circulation
2 Design and manufacturing of mobile solar power system
3 Optimum design and development of sterling engine for thermal power using parabolic dish
4 Design optimization of hydro-kinetic turbine
5 Design and development of thermal energy storage using phase change materials
6 Novel cleaning system development for photovoltaic cell panels