Structural Material Research Group (SMaRG)

Department: Civil Engineering

Engr. Dr. Majid Ali

Designation: Head/Supervisor

Research group head Profile

Engr. Dr. Majid Ali has an overall more than 14½ years of rich teaching, research and professional industry experience. He is an active researcher at international level in structural materials. He has a total of 57 publications including 22 ISI, SCIMAGO and Non Impact Factor journal papers having cumulative ISI impact factor of >50. He is HEC Approved PhD Supervisor. He did his bachelors with GOLD MEDAL, masters with HIGHEST POSITION and PhD with FIVE IMPACT FACTOR JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS. Before joining academia, he had worked as structural design engineer in NESPAK (one of the leading consultants of Pakistan).

Introduction of the group

Vision: To provide better structures for public by recommending improved structural materials.

Mission: To explore improvement in structural materials keeping in mind sustainability (environment, economy), durability and safety.

Civil engineering is the oldest engineering branch, serving the humanity by providing shelter in earlier times and buildings, infrastructure in modern times. The smooth functionality of civil engineering structures is important for our daily life activities. The performances of civil engineering structures are sometimes affected due to relatively poor behavior of used materials. In last few decades, high performance structural materials are being explored over the globe. However, the link between material properties and structure performance is an area which needs to be explored in detail. The research aim is to bridge gap between material properties and structure performance. This will help practicing engineers to recommend modern materials in construction industry. The scope of research is from properties of fibers as construction materials to structure performance including the economic aspects. The research mainly focuses on predicting the structure behavior keeping in mind the material properties of composites.


S. No Name Email Designation
1 Engr. Dr. Majid Ali majid.ali@ Head/Supervisor
2 Dr. M. Usman Farooqi m.usman@ Member
3 Engr. Tassadaq Hussain tassadaq.hussain@ Member
4 Engr. Sana Gul sana.gull@ Member
5 Engr. Faiza Khalid faiza.khalid@ Member
6 Engr. Amir Shahzad Member
7 Engr. M. Affan Member
8 Engr. Shah M. Sabri Member
9 Engr. M. Zahid Member
10 Engr. Abdulalh Ajaz Member
11 Engr. Abdul Wahab Member
12 Engr. Aun Ismail Member
13 Engr. Fayaz Khan Member


Research Areas

  1. Properties of fibres for civil engineering applications
  2. Material properties of fibre reinforced composites
  3. Multiple fibre reinforced composites for structural elements
  4. Performance of composites in structures
  5. Economic aspects of composites to be used in structures
  6. New Materials

R & D Projects

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