Mian Amer Mahmood, HI

Designation: Chancellor & Chairman Board of Governors
Our world today is in a state of flux. Information technology has changed…

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed

Designation: Vice Chancellor
Research Areas: Microelectronics; Simulation and Modelling; Antenna Design; Microwave Circuits & Systems…

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir

Designation: Dean, Faculty of Computing
Research Areas: Semantic Computing: Semantic Digital Libraries, Ontology evaluation, Ontology mapping and merging, Semantic Cache Query Processing,..

Prof. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Taj

Designation: Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Research Areas: Real time implementation of image registration algorithms, Super resolution imaging, Biometrics including fingerprint,..

Prof. Dr. Arshad Hassan

Designation: Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences
Research Areas: Investment Analysis, Asset Pricing, Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Financial Risk Management, Corporate…

Dr. Sahar Fazal

Prof. Dr. Sahar Fazal

Designation: Dean, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Research Areas: Phylogenetics, Protein Interactions, Modeling, Pathways Resistance Management, Molecular Entomology…

Dr. Muzaffar Abbas

Designation: Dean, Department of Pharmacy
Research Areas: Drug discovery; Neurological Disorders; Anxiety; Opioid Tolerance; …

Mr. Malik Arshad Mehmood

Designation: Registrar


Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan

Designation: Head, Department Civil Engineering
Research Areas: Water Resources – Irrigation Engineering – Hydrology – Public Health Engineering (Plumbing)…

Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan

Designation: Head, Department of Electrical Engineering
Research Areas: Wireless and Cellular Mobile Communication Systems, Physical Channel Modeling, Fading Channel Characterization, Smart…

Dr. Mahabat Khan

Designation: Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research Areas: CFD, Large Eddy simulations of turbulent flows, Atomization and sprays…

Dr. Abdul Basit Siddiqui

Designation: Head, Department of Computer Sciences
Research Areas: Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining…

Dr. Nadeem Anjum

Dr. Nadeem Anjum

Designation: Head, Department of Software Engineering
Research Areas: Computer Vision; Deep Learning for Human activity recognition; Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sagheer

Designation: Head, Department of Mathematics/Director Student Affairs
Research Areas: Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Eigen Value Problems…

Dr. S. Marriam Bakhtiar

Designation: Head, Department of Bioinformatics and Biosciences
Research Areas: Molecular Genetics, Molecular Genomics, Pathogen-host interaction, Genomic data.

Mr. Saqib Naveed

Designation: Head, Department of Associate  Degree Program

Dr. Amir Qayyum

Designation: Director, ELIC
Research Areas: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks and Body Area Networks, Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs)…

Engr. Khalid Mehmood

Designation: Director, Graduate Studies
Research Areas: Total Quality Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management…

Mr. Hassan Mahmood Awan

Designation: Controller of Examinations

Mr. Tariq Mahmood

Designation: Senior Manager HR

Mr. Wasim Nasir

Designation: Treasurer

Mr. Amjad Tariq

Designation: Deputy Director Admin