This lab covers the knowledge of Web application development using C# ASP.Net. Labs are designed to cover multiple front end and back end web development topics including HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java Script, ASP, (Web Pages – Razor, Web Forms, MVC), web services, AJAX, Angular, Web APIs, RBAC. Topics will be covered to help students build significant web applications.


CLO: 1. Apply programming techniques for web development and data manipulation through the adoption of world accepted standards
CLO: 2. Using MS visual studio, MS SQL Server to develop web based enterprise application.
CLO: 3. Understand issues related to web front end and back end development
CLO: 3. Describe client server architecture of Web, modern protocols used, and Deployment Issues on the web


1. Front End Web Page Designing using HTML
2. Page Styling using HTML & CSS
3. Responsive Front End Designing using Bootstrap
4. Front End Scripting and Animation with jQuery
5. LINQ Queries
6. MVC Framework – MVC Controller
7. MVC Framework – MVC Model and Views
8. JSON, XML and AJAX front end scripting
9. AJAX CRUD Functions
10. Data First Modelling
11. Code First Modelling
12. Web APIs
13. Angular JS – Front End Scripting
14. Web APIs Consumption using Angular
15. Web APIs Role Base Access Control