To acquaint students with techniques and skills employed for producing transgenic crops. The major and most controversial social and regulatory consequences of agricultural biotechnology which derive from the ideas associated with genetic engineering and food made from transgenic crops along with the techniques applied to plants and live stock animals.


CLO: 1 To comprehend the basic principals of agriculture biotechnology [C2-Comprehension].
CLO: 2 Apply the gene manipulation techniques Knowledge to plants and animals [C2-Analysis]
CLO: 3 Analyze the different applications of genetically modified organisms related issues


1 Agriculture Biotechnology And Its Applications In Crop Improvements
2 Cell And Plant Tissue Culture Methodology
3 Improvement Of Plants Via Plant Cell Culture
4 Plant Molecular Biomarkers
5 Direct And Indirect Methods Of Plant And Animal Transformation
6 Gene Gun Method Of Transformation
7 Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation
8 Chloroplast Transformation
9 Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Mediated Transformation
10 Transgenic Crops With Herbicide, Biotic And Abiotic Stress Resistance
11 Problems Related To Transgenic Plants
12 Genetically Modified Organisms (Gmos)
13 Field Evaluation And Commercialization Of Gmos
14 Possible Effects Of Releasing Gmos Into The Environment;
15 Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides And Their Types; Non-Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixers
16 Present And Future Prospects Of Biofertilizers