• To understand fundamentals of mechanical engineering related to civil engineering.


CLO: 1. To follow installation of mechanical equipment during site visits and to perform electrical and mechanical experiments in labs
CLO: 2. To demonstrate mechanical experiments in labs.
CLO: 3. To describe and report layouts, data, (e.g. specifications) etc. obtained during site visits of civil engineering projects and calculations of lab experiments
CLO: 4. To discuss and seek clarification about layouts, data, (e.g. specifications) etc. of mechanical equipment installed in civil engineering project


  1. Proof of fundamentals of heat transfer, conduction.
  2. Proof of fundamentals of heat transfer, convection.
  3. Proof of fundamentals of heat transfer, radiation.
  4. Introduction to HVAC equipment, Air conditioners and Heat pumps.
  5. Heating and cooling load and its calculations using computer tools (EES).
  6. Dry bulb and Wet bulb temperature measurements.
  7. Vapor Compression refrigeration fault detection.
  8. Site visit to HVAC Plant Room and its supply mechanism in an existing building.