• To understand fundamentals of mechanical engineering related to civil engineering


CLO: 1. to define and explain basic knowledge of mechanical engineering and its equipment related to Civil Engineering Projects.
CLO: 2. to discuss specifications of mechanical engineering equipment used in civil engineering projects.
CLO: 3. to sketch layout of mechanical engineering equipment for a simple civil engineering project.


  1. Basic Concepts
    • Fundamentals of heat transfer, conduction, convection, radiation
    • Thermal conductivity and overall heat transfer coefficients
    • Fundamentals of thermodynamics
      • Definition and properties of pure substances
      • Thermodynamic state of pure substances
      • Thermodynamic processes
      • Energy transfer by heat work and mass
      • Second law of thermodynamics and entropy
      • Air standard cycles
      • Vapor compression refrigeration cycle
    • Applied heat transfer /thermodynamics
  2. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Introduction to HVAC components
    • Heating and cooling load and its calculations
    • Comfort charts
    • Layout of A.C. systems and power systems
    • Introduction to air-conditioning in buildings
    • Introduction to natural ventilations
  3. Insulating materials
    • Thermal insulation / heat insulation
    • Sound insulation
    • Materials for insulation