• To apply principles of surveying.
• Have the ability to apply knowledge of control surveys and their use in advanced branches.
• To develop skills to use modern tools in related field problems


CLO: 1. to explain and prepare survey schemes using advanced techniques.
CLO: 2. to measure areas/volumes of civil engineering projects and dimensions of curves on roads & highways etc. by using various methods.
CLO: 3. to justify measured areas/volumes of civil engineering projects and dimensions of curves on roads & highways etc..
CLO: 4. to perform calculations using MS Excel for measuring areas/volumes of civil engineering projects.


  1. Surveying Drafting and Computations
    • Maps and plans, plotting contour maps, profiles and cross sections
    • End areas and volumes, prismoidal formula
    • Area computations, area by graphical analysis
    • Use of surveying software
  2. Highway and Railway Curves
    • Route surveys, circular curves, deflections and chord calculations
    • Setting out circular curves by various methods
    • Compound curves, reverse, vertical, parabolic curves
    • Computation of high or low point on a vertical curve
    • Design considerations, spiral curves, spiral curve computations
    • Approximate solution for spiral problems, super elevations
  3. Construction Surveys
    • Introduction, horizontal and vertical control
    • Buildings, rail roads
    • Pipeline and other construction surveys
  4. Hydrographic Surveys
    • Objectives of hydrographic survey and electronic charting
    • Vertical control, depth and tidal measurements
    • Position fixing techniques
    • Sounding plan, horizontal control
  5. Control Surveys
    • Geodesy universal transverse mercator grid system,
    • Modified transverse mercator grid system
    • Lambert projection
    • Computations for lambert projection
  6. Global Positioning System
    • Background information, global positioning, receivers
    • Satellites errors
    • GPS surveying techniques and applications
    • Survey planning, initial ambiguity resolution
    • Vertical positioning