It is the laboratory course which provides hand-on training in current cell biological methods such as animal cell culture, microscopy, PCR, SDS-PAGE, fluorescence staining of cellular organelles, immunostaining etc. This laboratory course is designed to familiarize students with techniques used in cell biology. By the end of the semester you should be familiar with: cell identification, cell culture, cell and organellar staining, enzyme kinetics, protein measurement, and SDS-PAGE.


CLO: 1. Understand safety measures, concepts and the investigative procedures of Cell Biology Lab.
CLO: 2. Differentiate between the structures and basic components of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including macromolecules, membranes, and organelles
CLO: 3. Comprehend the basic of cellular functions


1 Introduction to the Laboratory and safety Protocols
2 Use of Microscope
3 Histochemistry
4 blood smear preparation
5 blood typing
7 cell fractionation
8 factors for photosynthesis
9 Mid Exam
10 lignin staining and image Analysis
11 media Preparation
12 blood grouping
13 mitosis
14 wright staining
15 PCR