• To enable students to learn computer languages and Microsoft office.
• To acquaint the students with the structure, operation, programming, and applications of


CLO: 1. To describe importance of computer programming and their applications related to civil engineering domain.
CLO: 2. to explain different basic syntax/functions of computer programming in C++ for quick lengthy calculations and logical results.
CLO: 3. To prepare simple computer programs related to civil engineering domain in C++ and Matlab.
CLO: 4. to discuss C++ programming related to civil engineering domain (A1)


  1. Introduction to Programming
    • Introduction to computer
    • MS office
    • Number systems
    • Introduction to C++
    • The character set
    • Constants, variables and keywords
    • Rules of constructing integer
    • Real and character constants
    • Flow charts and Algorithms
  2. Writing C++ Programe
    • The first c program if statements
    • If-else statements, nested if-elses
    • Use of logical operators
    • The conditional operators
  3. The Loop Control Structure
    • The for loop, Nesting of loops,
    • Multiple initializations in the for loop
    • The while loop
    • The break statement
    • The continue statement
    • The do-while loop
  4. The Case Control Structure
    • Decisions using switch
    • Switch versus if-else ladder
    • The go to keyword
  5. Functions
    • Function definition
    • Passing values between functions
    • Functions declaration and prototypes
  6. Arrays and Strings
    • Introduction to arrays and strings
    • 2D arrays
  7. Programming of Civil Engineering Problems
    • Programming of simple and elementary civil engineering problems 2D arrays
  8. Introduction to Matlab