• To familiarize about different construction methodologies and equipments to be used in carrying out a construction project.
• To develop ability of students to carry out the construction projects according to drawings and specifications.


CLO: 1. to perform and demonstrate various parameters to check the pipe loses and efficiency of turbines and pumps. (P3)
CLO: 2. to revise the basic concepts of pipe loses, pumps and turbines. (P4)
CLO: 3. to assess the losses in pipes and efficiency of turbines/pumps. (C5)
CLO: 4. to clarify and justify his/her procedure to check efficiency and losses. (A4)


  1. Evaluation of a constructed building as per bye-laws.
  2. Evaluation of under-strength and over-strength construction materials (concrete and steel) as per standards.
  3. Evaluation of site selection and orientation of an existing building.
  4. Layout of a small building.
  5. Site visit for excavation equipment.
  6. Site visit for equipment of superstructure construction.
  7. Site visit for different phases of construction.
  8. Introduction to advanced construction technologies (Video Lecture).