Design and Machines

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Waqas Akbar Lughmani

Designation: Head/Supervisor

Research group head Profile

Dr Waqas’s research is in the areas of Multiscale mechanics and Materials modeling. His research combines classical molecular dynamics simulations, and continuum FEM methods with micromechanics theory and wetting theory to understand the mechanism governing the materials’ mechanical & thermal properties across multiple length and time scales. By combining such fundamental theories and modeling methods with machine learning theory, we aim to design materials & devices with desired properties. He wants to encourage his students to tackle open-ended problems, like those in industrial, medical, and research practice.

Introduction of the group

The research group is actively engaged in the development and application of innovative computer aided design and analysis tools. Our mission is to carry out leading edge, high-quality, and internationally recognized scientific research in the field of multibody system dynamics and nonlinear finite element methods.



S. No Name Email Designation
1 Dr. Waqas Akbar Lughmani dr.waqas@ Head/Supervisor
2 Mr. Salman Warsi salman.warsi@ Member
3 Mr. Syed Hassan shah hassan.shah@ Member
4 Engr. Shummaila Rasheed shummaila@ Member
5 Engr. Rehan Qaiser rehan.qaiser@ Member
6 Engr. Shermeen Hamid shermeen.hamid@ Member


Research Areas

  1. Our research focuses are to understand fundamental mechanisms that determine the mechanical and thermal properties of materials across multiple scales, and to apply the understanding to the design of reliable and efficient materials, structures, and devices.