Recommended Book(s)

  1. Computational Methods For Fluid Dynamics, 3rd Edition, Ferziger, Joel H.Peri?, Milovan.
  2. Numerical Computation Of Internal And External Flows, Charles Hirsch.
  3. Principles Of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wesseling, Pieter

Reference Book(s)

  1. Finite Element Methods For Flow Problems,  Donea, Jean.,  Huerta, Antonio
  2. Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques: An Introduction Based On Finite Element Methods, Rainald Löhner


This course gives you an introduction to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and related applications. It will also give you a proper background for the intelligent and appropriate use of CFD packages.


After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • introduce the basic principles in computational fluid dynamics.
  • develop an understanding for the basic theories, approaches and methodologies used in CFD;
  • build up the skills in the actual implementation of CFD methods (e.g. boundary conditions, etc.) in using CFD codes;
  • develop methodologies which facilitate the application of the subject to practical problems


This course deals with mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of various flow phenomena. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Principles of Conservation: Continuity Equation, Navier Stokes Equation, Energy Equation and General Structure of Conservation Equations. Classification of Partial Differential Equations and Physical Behaviour, Approximate Solutions of Differential Equations, Variational Principles and Weighted Residual Approach, Fundamentals of Discretization, Finite Element Method. The associated properties of the resulting discretization schemes will be analysed in detail. Important Consequences of Discretization of Time Dependent Problems and Stability Analysis: Consistency, Stability and Convergence. Solution of Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations: Elimination Methods, Iterative Methods, Gradient Search Methods, and Multigrid methods: A Finite Element Approach, Discretization of Navier Stokes Equations: Stream Function-Vorticity approach will be discussed.