1. To familiarize students about the characteristics of construction materials used in civil engineering projects.
2. To develop the skills for identification and selection of suitable construction materials for civil engineering projects.


CLO:1 to describe the properties / characteristics and manufacturing of various materials used in different civil engineering structures. (C1)
CLO:2 to explain the applications and procurement techniques of various civil engineering materials. (C2)
CLO:3 to discuss and clarify the selection of suitable construction materials based on their characteristics and economy for a particular civil engineering structure. (A2)
CLO:4 to apply knowledge of civil engineering materials for construction projects. (C3)


  1. Materials and their Properties
    • Introduction of materials
    • Construction materials
    • Physical, mechanical and chemical properties
    • Electrical and thermal properties
  2. Binding Materials (Cement and Lime)
    • Introduction and manufacture of ordinary Portland cement
    • Constituents of cement
    • Types of cement
    • Properties and field tests of cement
    • Special cements
    • Introduction and preparation of lime
    • Setting and hardening of lime
    • Applications of lime
    • Comparison (cost and characteristics) of lime and cement
  3. Fine & Coarse Aggregates and Stones
    • Definition and introduction of aggregates
    • Mechanical and physical properties of aggregates
    • Importance and methods of grading of aggregates
    • Introduction, types, applications, characteristics of good building stones
    • Artificial stones
  4. Cementitious materials
    • Introduction and methods of preparation of paste
    • Properties and application of paste
    • Introduction and methods of preparation of mortars
    • Properties and application of mortars
    • Introduction about concrete
    • Components and manufacture of concrete, properties of concrete
    • Types of concrete
    • Self-Compacting/Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)
    • Effects of various chemicals on concrete
  5. Metals (Steel and Aluminum)
    • Introduction to steel
    • Mechanical and physical properties of steel
    • Application of steel in civil engineering projects
    • Introduction to aluminum
    • Mechanical and physical properties of aluminum
    • Application of aluminum in civil engineering projects
  6. Ceramics, Bricks and Blocks
    • History and evolution of ceramics, Manufacture of ceramics
    • Properties and applications of ceramics in buildings
    • History and evolution of bricks, Properties and applications of bricks
    • Dimensions, manufacture and classification of bricks
    • History and evolution of blocks, Properties and applications of blocks
    • Dimensions, manufacture and classification of blocks
  7. Glass and Wood
    • Constituents of glass and methods of manufacture.
    • Types, use and significance of glass in civil engineering
    • Advantages and drawbacks of glass
    • Structure of tree and general characteristics
    • Types, seasoning and preservation of wood, Lamination of wood
  8. Pavement Materials
    • Bitumen, Asphalt, Road Metal
  9. Miscellaneous Construction Materials
    • Asbestos, Plaster of Paris, Abrasives
    • Rubber, Cork, Plastics, Paint, Thermometry and acoustics
    • Bamboo, Natural, artificial and steel fibers
    • Modern Materials (Fiber reinforced polymer etc.)