• To enhance English language skills of the students.
• To develop the critical thinking of the students.


CLO: 1. To describe basic grammar, reading & listening skills etc. needed for the correct use of English language.
CLO: 2. To discuss and write correct English language.
CLO: 3. To attempt speaking correct English language.


  1. Parts of Speech
    • Definition
    • Usage
    • Common Errors
  2. Punctuation
    • Rules and practice on the use of punctuation marks
    • Exercises
  3. Phrases and Clauses
    • Details
    • Types
  4. Sentence Structure, Kinds of Sentences
    • 7c’s
    • Kinds of sentences
  5. Active & Passive Voice
    • General rules of changing sentences from active to passive voice
    • Changing sentences of future, present and past tense into passive voice
    • Changing sentences from passive to active voice
  6. Direct & Indirect Narration
    • General rules of narration
    • Changing sentences from direct to indirect speech when reporting verb is either in present or future tense
    • Changing sentences from direct to indirect speech when reporting verb is in past tense
  7. Vocabulary Development and Spelling
    • A list of words to be learnt and used in sentences
    • Rules and practice on the use of correct spellings
  8. Tenses in English Grammar
    • Types of tenses
    • Rules
    • Exercises
  9. Paragraph Writing
  10. Three Basic Letter Formats
    • Various formats used for writing letters in formal capacity
    • Block format
    • Modified block format
    • Simplified format
  11. Listening Skills (Documentaries)
    • Audiovisual material will be used to test and then improve the listening skills of students
  12. Reading & Comprehension
    • Ways to comprehend complex texts
    • At least 10 passages to be used as comprehension exercises
  13. Spoken English Skills (Activities)
    • Students to hold discussions in english language
  14. Phonetic Transcription
    • Consonant sounds
    • learning ways to use these sounds to get accurate pronunciation from dictionary
  15. Presentation Skills