1. To familiarize students with the basic concepts of natural and human induced hazards.

2. To enable students to learn the techniques for pre and post-disaster management.


CLO:1 to explain hazards and disasters and use their management for different scenarios. (C3)
CLO:2 to value the different phases of disaster management. (C4)
CLO:3 to debate on sustainability after disaster occurrence. (A3)
CLO:4 to develop emergency preparedness plan. (A4)


  1. Introduction
    • Introduction to Hazards and Disasters (earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides, cyclones, etc.)
    • Social & Economic Aspects of Natural and human induced hazards
    • Hazard and Disaster Investigation
  2. Disaster Management
    • Pre-Disaster Phase (Prevention, Mitigation & Preparedness)
    • Disaster Phase (Response, relief and recovery)
    • Post-Disaster Phase (Rehabilitation, Development) and damage assessment
    • Disaster management policies and institutional infrastructure from national to local level
  3. Monitoring of Infra-structure facilities
    • Strategies for protection against possible damages
    • Maintenance for different infrastructure facilities
    • Rehabilitation and repair strategies
    • Predictions and preparedness strategies for natural disasters such as Earthquakes etc.
    • Emergency management
  4. Awareness Programs
    • Follow-on Disasters
    • Recovery plans
    • Strategies for protection
    • Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
    • Disaster Mitigation