To provide background knowledge of transportation engineering with detailed and thorough understanding of framework of various transportation systems.


CLO:1 to explain different transportation systems (roads, railways, airports and coastal) and to use their parameters for planning. (C3)
CLO:2 to analyze planning of a site/route for a particular transportation system. (C4)
CLO:3 to clarify and justify planning parameters and route selection for a particular transportation system. (A3)
CLO:4 to produce the proposed (economical & efficient) layout of a transportation system on aerial map. (C3)


  1. Introduction to Transportation Systems and Planning
    • Modes of transportation; need and scope of comprehensive plan
    • Phases of planning
    • Principles of planning
    • Communication (rail-road network & airport), port and harbor facilities
    • Introduction to design aspect
  2. Highway Engineering
    • Highway Components
    • Elements of a typical cross-section of road
    • Types of cross-section; Highway location
    • Classification of Highways
    • Highway Materials
    • Types & Characteristics
    • Specifications & Tests
  3. Railway Engineering
    • Elements of track
    • Types of gauges
    • Types of rail sections. Rail joints. Creep and wear of rail; Fish Plate, bearing plates and check rails
    • Types of sleepers, their merits and demerits. Sleeper density, spacing and stiffness of track
    • Types of ballast. Requirements for good ballast, Renewal of ballast
    • Formation of single and double track
    • Formation failures; Selection of site for a railway station
    • Layout of stations and yards
    • Modern methods for construction of tracks
    • Maintenance, tools and organization
    • Introduction to design aspect
  4. Airport Engineering
    • Type & elements of Airport planning
    • Factors affecting Airport Site Selection
    • Airport Classification
    • Airport Drainage Systems
    • Various Runway Configurations
    • Introduction to design aspect
  5. Coastal Engineering
    • Classification of harbours
    • Ports and harbours of Pakistan
    • Design principles and requirements of harbours
    • Wharves and jetties
    • Breakwaters and groynes
    • Channel regulation and demarcation
    • Types of docks and their construction
    • Transit sheds and warehouses