The main focus of this lab is to understand the magnetic field, the reluctance of magnetic materials and air. The voltage-current characteristics, voltage regulation of DC generators, torque speed characteristics, speed regulation of DC motors and the generalized concepts of electromechanical energy conversion are included mainly in this lab. Working principles, construction and operation of single phase and three phase transformers will be demonstrated.


CLO:1. Define operating principles of fundamental components of Electric Machines: motors, generators and transformers including synchronous, asynchronous, DC and special purpose motors, AC, DC generators and autotransformers, CTs, PTs, step-up and step-down transformers. (Level: C1)
CLO:2. Restate the magnetic field, reluctance of magnetic materials, flux and mmf in equivalent magnetic circuits of Transformers and Motors. (Level: C2)
CLO:3. Interpret and produce transformers equivalent circuits by applying standard testing procedures including open-circuit & short-circuit tests, voltage regulation, efficiency and produce and interpret equivalent circuits in Synchronous and asynchronous machines. (Level: C3)
CLO:4. Examine construction, working principles, characteristics and equivalent circuit of three phase synchronous generators, synchronous motors and induction motors, Single phase induction and special purpose motors. Moreover they would be able to analyze voltage-current characteristics, commutation of DC generators, torque speed characteristics and speed regulation of DC motors (Level: C4)


  1. Introduction to Motor, Electric Traction and Electrical Control Trainer
  2. Analysis of 1-Phase AC Circuits
  3. Analysis of 3-Phase AC Circuits for Balanced and Unbalanced Load
  4. Single Phase Transformer
    • Part-1:Open & Short Circuit Test, Equivalent Circuit Evaluation
    • Part-2: Single Phase Transformer (Efficiency, Voltage Regulation)
  5. Three Phase Transformer (Delta-Star Connections)
  6. Single Phase Induction/Asynchronous Motor
  7. Three Phase Induction/Asynchronous Motor
  8. Three Phase Synchronous Generator
  9. Three Phase Synchronous Motor
  10. Serial DC Motor
  11. Shunt DC Motor
  12. Parallel Operation of Alternators