The objective of this Lab is to help students understand the use of sensors, transducers and measuring instruments. The lab also focuses on how AC and DC measuring devices work and provides an insight of construction of these devices. The lab also gives hands on experience to the students of different measuring devices.


CLO:1. Express the theory of analogue DC and AC measuring instruments  (Level: C2)

CLO:2. Demonstrate use of sensors, transducers and electronic measuring instruments mismatch losses (Level: P1)

CLO:3. Apply the theoretical knowledge of analog electronic and digital multimeters (Level: C3).


  1. Measurement of Active (Watt), Reactive (VAR), VA rating and energy dissipated into connected loads.
  2. Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter of multiple range.
  3. Conversion of Galvanometer to Voltmeter of multiple range.
  4. Measurement of error due to loading and insertion effects in DC circuits.
  5. Study of Strain measurement using Strain Gauge trainer.
  6. Measurement of true RMS value of voltage for sine, square and triangular wave shapes.
  7. Temperature measurement using Resistance temperature detector (RTD).
  8. Measurement of phase shift, frequency ratio by Lissajous Patterns, using Oscilloscope and signal generator.
  9. Analysis of different signals using spectrum analyzer.
  10. Conversion of analog signal into digital and digital signal into analog using Data Acquisition Trainer.