This is a first course in feedback control of dynamic systems. A design-oriented approach is stressed. Computer based analysis, combined with an accompanying laboratory, provide a realistic setting for mastering several important design methodologies.


CLO-1: Understand the knowledge of MATLAB-SIMULINK to analyze system response by applying different inputs (step, ramp, pulse, etc.).(C2)
CLO-2: Practically implement control systems on well-known experimental setups like Lego Mindstorms, ball and beam and inverted pendulum. (P2)
CLO-3: Design and investigate proportional, integral, and derivative controller for a physical system along with tuning of PID. (C6)


  • Experiment# 1
    • Basic programming for MATLAB
  • Experiment# 2
    • Introduction to Control Systems and MATLAB
  • Experiment# 3
    • Modeling in Simulink using some basic examples
  • Experiment# 4
    • Modeling of DC MOTOR in Simulink
  • Experiment# 5
    • Introduction to Lab View and Lego Mindstorm 2.0
  • Experiment# 6
    • Analyzing the time domain specification of obstacle avoiding robot
  • Experiment# 7
    • Analyzing the behavior of 2nd order System
  • Experiment# 8
    • Understanding of Bode Plot and State-Space Model of Inverted Pendulum
  • Experiment# 9
    • Obtaining Bode plots of RC circuit
  • Experiment# 10
    • Bode Plots and Frequency Response of DC MOTOR
  • Experiment# 11
    • Study of PI Controller for DC MOTOR
  • Experiment# 12
    • Study of PID Controller for DC MOTOR
  • Experiment# 13
    • Study of Ziegler-Nichols Tuning for DC MOTOR
  • Experiment# 14
    • Designing of the Inner loop Controller for Ball & Beam System