This course is a part of engineering foundation. It is targeted to help student visualize the basics of engineering design. Emphasis would be on basic drawing concepts and the classical techniques of manual drawing. It is intended for improving students approach towards conceptual design.


CLO-1: Apply principles of engineering drawing and graphics to clearly communicate projections of 3D objects C3.
CLO-2: Analyze given mechanical components and produce relevant views based on Projection MethodsC4


  1. Introduction / Role of graphics in engineering – One Lecture
  2. Projections Theory – One Lecture
  3. Orthographic Projections – One Lecture
  4. Orthographic Reading – One Lecture
  5. Dimensioning – One Lecture
  6. Projection of Points – One Lecture
  7. Projection of Lines – One Lecture
  8. Projection of Planes – One Lecture
  9. Projection of Solids – One Lecture
  10. Section Views – One Lecture
  11. Dimensioning and tolerance – One Lecture
  12. Threaded Fasteners (Threads) – One Lecture
  13. Threaded Fasteners (Nut, Bolts and Washers) – One Lecture
  14. Working drawings – One Lecture
  15. Isometric Projections – One Lecture
  16. Development of surfaces – One Lecture