The importance of English language cannot be denied. It enriches our thought and culture and provides us with the most important international vehicle of expression. It has opened for us several doors of knowledge for it is the lingua franca of the world and also the language of science, technology, commerce, and diplomacy. The main objective of this course is to enhance English language skills of the students and develop their critical thinking. Moreover, the course will ensure enabling the students to be able to:

  • Use correct English while speaking and writing
  • Understand and comprehend even complex English language texts
  • Develop sound vocabulary
  • Learn how to avoid common errors which are usually made by the learners of English as a second/foreign language
  • Develop skills to use English in professional life
  • Learn Presentation Skills by using Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi


Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)

CLO-1: Use English correctly in speaking and writing skills. (C3)
CLO-2: Comprehend and interpret complex English language texts.(C2)
CLO-3: Present sound vocabulary and skills to use English in professional life. (A2)


  1. Parts of Speech – Two Lectures
  • Definition
  • Usage
  • Common Errors

2. Punctuation – Two Lectures

  • Rules and Practice on the use of punctuation marks
  • Exercises

3. Phrases and Clauses – Two Lectures

  • Details
  • Types

4. Sentence Structure, Kinds of Sentences – Two Lectures

  • Sentence Structure
  • Kinds of Sentences

5. Active & Passive Voice – Two Lectures

  • General rules of changing sentences from active to passive
  • General rules of changing Voice of sentences.
  • Changing voice of different tenses.
  • Importance of voice.

6. Direct & Indirect Narration – Two Lectures

  • General rules of narration
  • Exercises for changing the narration of the sentences.

7. Vocabulary Development / Contextual clues – Two Lectures

  • How to develop vocabulary of unknown words within a text.
  • Rules and Practice on the contextual clues.

8. Tenses in English Grammar – Two Lectures

  • Types of Tenses
  • Rules
  • Activities

9. Paragraph Writing – Two Lectures

  • What is a paragraph
  • Types of paragraph
  • Activities

10. Three Basic Letter Formats – Two Lectures

  • Various formats used for writing letters in formal capacity
  • Block Format
  • Modified Block Format
  • Simplified Format

11. Listening Skills (Documentaries) – Two Lectures

  • Audiovisual material will be used to test and then improve the listening skills of students

12. Reading & Comprehension – Two Lectures

  • Ways to comprehend complex texts
  • At least 10 passages to be used as comprehension exercises

13. Spoken English Skills (Activities) – Two Lectures

  • Students to hold discussions in English language

14. Phonetic Transcription – Two Lectures

  • Consonant Sounds
  • Learning ways to use these sounds to get accurate pronunciation from dictionary

15. Presentation Skills – Four Lectures