To design common machine elements and gain experience in solving design problems. To prepare professional quality solutions and communicate the results of analysis and design, effectively.


CLO-1: Analyze the standards and techniques used in design and analysis of machine elements like keys, couplings, brakes, clutches, fly wheels and screws.(C5)
CLO-2: Select appropriate solutions for machine design problems related to fastening and other elements. (C5)
CLO-3: Evaluate a design problem within the given parameters and constraints in a project. (C5)
CLO-4: Demonstrate the ability to learn and select appropriate software for the design project and perform literature survey in order to contribute to lifelong learning. (A3)


  1. Introduction – One Lecture
  • Design philosophy
  • Types of design

2. Mechanical behavior of materials – Five Lectures

  • Concepts of stress and strain
  • Different types of stress and strain in a machine element
  • Stress-strain diagram
  • Actual and permissible stresses
  • Factor of safety

3. Design of Shafts – Five Lectures

  • Basic concepts
  • Methodology

4. Design of springs – Five Lectures

  • Basic concepts
  • Methodology

5. Design of keys and coupling – Five Lectures

  • Basic concepts
  • Methodology

6. Design of Riveted joint, welded joints, Bolted joints – Eight Lectures

  • Basic concepts
  • Methodology

7. Metal fits, tolerances, and Design Standards – Three Lectures

  • Basic concepts of tolerance
  • Types of fits
  • ISO standard fits charts