To study and visualize the different ways of vibration occurances in mechanical equipments and how to control it, i.e. whirling of shafts, spring damper systems etc.


CLO-1: Perform experiments and manipulate key variables to investigate the mechanisms and mechanical vibrations’ principles.(P2)
CLO-2: Investigate acquired experimental data of mechanical systems with derived quantities. (C4)


  1. Simple Pendulum
  • Experiment #01
    • To study and investigate the properties (Time period and natural frequency) of a simple pendulum.

2. Compound Pendulum

  • Experiment #02
    • To investigate the oscillation of a compound pendulum and determine the time period of a compound pendulum.

3. Mass Spring System

  • Experiment #03
    • To study the different characteristics of a mass spring system and verify simple mass-spring system theory.

4. Spiral Spring Rotating Mass System

  • Experiment #04
    • To determine the stiffness and natural frequency of a spiral spring-rotating mass system by varying sliding mass positions.

5. Whirling of Shafts

  • Experiment #05
    • To study whirling in rotating shafts and determine the fundamental frequency and the second Harmonic frequency of a rotating shaft.

6. Universal Vibration System

  • Experiment #06
    • Determination of Natural Frequencies of Free Un-Damped Oscillations.
  • Experiment #07
    • To study the effect of damping on the decay behavior of the spring-mass system and calculate the damping coefficient of the system.
  • Experiment #08
    • Estimation of the natural frequency of Forced oscillations and verification of resonance condition.

7. Bifilar and Trifilar Suspension System

  • Experiment #09
    • Determination of mass moment of inertia of a rectangular bar, solid disc and hollow cylinder using torsional vibrations.

8. Static and Dynamic Balancing

  • Experiment #10
    • Static and Dyanamic balancing of simple two mass system and three mass system.

9. Clutch Plates

  • Experiment #11
    •  To investigate the behavior of flat clutch plates.

10. Cam Follower Mechanism

  • Experiment #12
    • Study of Cam-follower mechanism.

11. Mechanisms

  • Experiment #13
    • To study the characteristics of various mechanism.
      • Four Bar Mechanism
      • Crank Connecting Rod Mechanism
      • Whit-worth quick return mechanism