The course is aimed at articulating foundation for graduate students to provide them with basic knowledge about Finance. The course provides a broad understanding of the principles and practices of Business Finance. The main emphasis is on the major financial decisions made by companies and the valuation of investments. The course is designed to provide basic knowledge about the principles, concepts, and terminologies which are applicable to the current business practices.


CLO: 1. To introduce the students to the concept of basic financial management and the financial market within which firms operate. To appreciate the importance of paying due attention to finance when a company makes its various decisions relating to any aspect, whatsoever, of its operations. Ability to recognize importance of this subject and purse lifelong learning in the broader context of innovation and development
CLO: 2. Ability to create, select and apply techniques, resources and tools to every day financial activities within an understanding of limitations, to design solutions for finance related business problems and design systems, or processes that meet specific needs while maintaining business standards, cultural, societal and environmental considerations
CLO: 3. Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics in all spheres of strategic financial management. Ability to communicate effectively, orally as well as in writing, to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, and make effective presentations.