Corporate Finance is a course that is designed as an advance course in finance. The course has been designed to give students an insight into corporate financial practices. The text emphasizes value creation and the role the financial manager plays in facilitating this process by incorporating all functions of the firm: including areas such as sales, advertising, marketing, production, etc. Throughout the course, the story of how financial decision are made through analysis and reasoning are applied to problems faced by executives from both a domestic and international perspective. Mini cases from the text and independent cases on corporate finance are used to enhance the understanding of the subject.


CLO: 1. To give a realistic and critical understanding of corporate finances, which will help them to make financial decisions
CLO: 2. To develop critical skills in assessing the relevance of the concepts of corporate finance to the real corporate world scenarios and ethical dilemmas presented in the financial environment
CLO: 3. To acquire the skills necessary to analyze typical business situations from a financial perspective and to develop the ability to make appropriate financial management decisions