This course is intended to provide the student with cutting edge thinking on a variety of organizational behavior and management topics helping them to understand behavior at both the individual and organization levels. Topics at the individual or “micro” level include individual motivation and behavior, decision-making, interpersonal communication and influence, small group behavior, and individual, dyadic, and intergroup conflict and cooperation. At the organization or “macro” level, topics include organizational growth, organizational change, organizational learning, organizations and leadership, power, social networks, and social responsibility. More generally, the organizational behavior curriculum helps prepare students for their managerial careers, providing them with frameworks for diagnosing and dealing with the problems and opportunities that typically arise in organizational settings.


CLO: 1. Analyze individual and group behaviour, and understand the implications of organizational behaviour on the process of management.
CLO: 2. Identify different motivational theories and evaluate motivational strategies used in a variety of organizational settings and basic design elements of organizational structure and evaluate their impact on employees.
CLO: 3. Evaluate the appropriateness of various leadership styles and conflict management strategies used in organizations.