This course introduces students to the roles and functions of managers. The content includes an introduction to organizations and the need for and nature of management. It examines the evolution of management theory, organizational environments, and corporate social responsibility and ethics. The course also includes a detailed investigation of the four functions of management: planning and decision making, organizing, leading and motivating, and controlling. Student will be able to grasp the understanding of management through class discussions, lectures, projects, and assignments. Students are expected to develop analytical and conceptual framework of how people are managed in small, medium and large public and private national and international organizations.


CLO: 1. Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of management principles and functions.
CLO: 2. Demonstrate and apply effectively the various management theories.
CLO: 3. Demonstrate the ability to recognize the need and adaptation to change, lead change while also understanding the interests, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses at both individual and group level.