1. To explain and perform the synthesis of organic compounds that are pharmaceutical and medicinally active.
2. To estimate and confirm different functional groups, like carboxylic, hydroxy, amino and nitro groups using organic techniques.
3. To characterize synthesized organic compounds by thin layer chromatography, and determination of their molecular weights and melting points.


CLO: 1. Describe the principles for the identification of functional groups of organic compounds.
CLO: 2. Perform the synthesis of drugs using organic moieties.
CLO: 3. Analyze and characterize synthesized organic compounds.


1. Synthesis of Benzoic Acid from Benzamide
2. Synthesis of salicylic acid
3. Synthesis of acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin)
4. Synthesis of nitro phenol
5. Synthesis of acetanilide
6. Synthesis of paracetamol
7. Synthesis of sodium benzoate
8. Synthesis of para-nitro phenol
9. Synthesis of 3-nitrophathalic acid
10. Determination of percentage purity of citric acid
11. Assay of mefenamic acid
12. Determination of no of carboxylic groups in a sample of benzoic acid
13. Determination of percentage purity of tartaric acid
14. Determination of percentage purity of benzoic acid
15. Determination of percentage purity benzyl penicillin
16. Determination of percentage purity of sodium bicarbonate