The prime objective of industrial pharmacy lab is to make students conversant with the manufacturing process of different dosage forms like tablets, syrups and semisolids. The students will learn to prepare drug formulations on laboratory scale by using equipment that are utilized in the industry.


CLO: 1. To explain principles, theory and experiments used in industrial pharmacy.
CLO: 2. To perform proficiently laboratory experiments related to industrial pharmacy by operating different laboratory equipment and execute relevant calculations and results.
CLO: 3. To analyze given data and problems using basic principles of industrial pharmacy


1. Introduction to industrial lab equipment.
2. Determination of angle of repose of powders.
3. Determination of Hausner ratio of powders.
4. Determination of tapped density and bulk density of powders.
5. Preparation of paracetamol tablets.
6. Preparation of aspirin tablets.
7. Preparation of 100 tablets of chewable antacid tablets.
8. Preparation of diclofenac sodium sustained release tablets.
9. Study of types of tablet coating.
10. Study of tablet defects.
11. Preparation of artificial tears.
12. Preparation of syrup using a Silverson mixer.