The lab course of pharmaceutical technology provides the students with better understanding of the techniques for developing Pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems, where in the raw drug is converted into consumable forms for easy administration. It deals with the expertise in preformulation studies including sieving, microencapsulation, buffer solutions etc.


CLO: 1. To comprehend general principles, fundamentals and applications of different novel drug delivery systems
CLO: 2. To compare different technologies and techniques in the analysis of delivery systems
CLO: 3. To analyze and optimize the formulations considering the optimization of basic parameters


1. Introduction to pharmaceutical technology and techniques.
2. Instruments used in pharmaceutical technology.
3. Preformulation studies of active pharmaceutical ingredient (aspirin).
4. Preformulation studies of excipients (starch, lactose and talcum).
5. Preparation of effervescent granules by fusion method.
6. Formulation of solid dispersion of aspirin by fusion (melt) method.
7. Formulation of solid dispersion of aspirin by melting solvent method.
8. Preparation and evaluation of acetaminophen tablet by direct compression method.
9. Preparation of niosomes by ethanol injection method.
10. Preparation of microspheres using eudragit e100 by precipitation method.
11. Preparation of hydrogel.
12. Preparation of niosomes by choloform injection method.
13. Preparation of microspheres using eudragit s100 by rotary evaporator method.