The laboratory is designed for providing instructions in several pharmaceutical technology aspects particularly the manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms, physical pharmacy, applied biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, and design of novel drug delivery systems e.g. ocular, transdermal, rectal and oral drug delivery systems.


CLO: 1. To apply the basics of pharmaceutical technology in the development of novel drug delivery system
CLO: 2. To analyze the novel drug delivery system using various in-vitro analysis techniques
CLO: 3. To integrate drug into novel drug delivery system and optimize it using various techniques


1. Microencapsulation of a liquid drug using simple coacervation technique.
2. Organoleptic evaluation of syrups by cross over study.
3. Prediction of skin permeability from simple physicochemical parameters.
4. Preparation of effervescent tablets using single punch tablet machine and estimation of quality by QC tests.
5. Preparation and evaluation of control release tablets of paracetamol.
6. Evaluation of empty hard gelatin capsule.
7. Determination of Size and filling capacity (displacement value) of hard gelatin capsule in relation to given diluent.
8. To perform quality control tests of packaging material used in pharmaceutical industry.
9. Preparation of micro/nanoparticles by double emulsion evaporation method.
10. To determine encapsulation efficiency of micro/nano particles.
11. Determination of HLB of liquid paraffin using modified gum acacia method.
12. Preparation of aloe vera gel.
13. Determination of dissociation constant of aspirin.
14. Sterility testing of diclofenac sodium injections by direct inoculation method.