1. To understand modern and advanced principles, theories, techniques and methods in the field of pharmacognosy and the necessary knowledge to reach more accurate results.
2. To understand how to extract, develop and validate analytical methods for sensitive and accurate determination of active ingredients.


CLO: 1. Describe the extraction of active substances or groups of active substances from natural sources.
CLO: 2. Demonstrate the types of extractors used in the industry
CLO: 3. Develop a new method for extraction


1. Determination of iodine value
2. Determination of saponification value and unsaponifiable matter
3. Determination of ester value
4. Determination of acid value
5. Chemical tests for Acacia and
6. Chemical tests for Tragacanth
7. Chemical tests for agar
8. Chemical tests for starch
9. Chemical tests for castor oil
10. Chemical tests for sesame oil
11. Chemical tests for shark liver oil
12. Chemical tests for bees wax
13. Chemical tests gelatin