1. To have the expertise and knowledge needed to be involved in different pharmaceutical care settings in hospitals, in- and out-patient pharmacies, and drug information centers
2. To have the ability for continuous self-education of new trends emerging in pharmacotherapy field through different available resources.
3. To have the ability of working together with other members of the medical stuff including physicians and nurses among others.


CLO: 1. To understand the process of pharmaceutical care in healthcare facility.
CLO: 2. To analyzed the drug profile for the formulation of new therapeutic regimen.
CLO: 3. Interpretation of laboratory data to diagnose pathological states


1. Assessment of patient compliance at community pharmacy (A case study from community)
2. Assessment of patient compliance in medical ward (A case study from Medical Ward
3. Patient counselling for self-management of diabetes (preparation of educational material)
4. Patient counselling for self-management of Hypertension (preparation of educational material)
5. Drug profile of Digoxin (Dose calculation and Dose adjustment in different pathological states
6. Drug profile of benzodiazepines (used of drug in different psychological problems)
7. Drug profile of anti-tubercular drug (Therapeutic regimen in different physiological and pathological states
8. Laboratory data interpretation in Comorbidities (CKD and Diabetes)
9. Laboratory data interpretation in comorbidities (Asthma+ Hypertension)
10. Laboratory data interpretation in comorbidities (Diabetes and Hypertension
11. Assessment of medication error at outdoor patient department
12. Assessment of drug Interaction at medical ward
13. Assessment of drug interaction at intensive care unit
14. Assessment of ADR in tertiary care hospital