1. To reviews, monitors, and modifies the therapeutic plan as necessary and appropriate, in concert with the patient and healthcare team.
2. To have the ability for continuous self-education of new trends emerging in pharmacotherapy field through different available resources.
3. To have the leadership skills needed to supervise other members involved in the patient-centered pharmaceutical care service.


CLO: 1. To understand the process of pharmaceutical care in healthcare facility.
CLO: 2. To analyzed the prescription in comorbid condition and the formulation of new therapeutic regimen.
CLO: 3. To Evaluate Medical and behavioral intervention for providing quality health services.


1. Clinical presentation of ischemic heart disease
2. Clinical presentation of angina pectoris
3. Clinical presentation of Heart failure
4. Clinical presentation of Asthma
5. Clinical presentation of Hepatitis
6. Clinical presentation of ulcer
7. Clinical presentation of Diarrhea
8. Clinical presentation of osteoporosis
9. Drug-induced non-autoimmune hemolytic anemia
10. Drug induced pneumonia
11. Drug induced ulcer
12. First aid in coronary artery disease (Myocardial infarction, cardiac Arrest)
13. Drug utilization review in tertiary healthcare facility
14. Systematic drug literature review for decision making (for given scenario A)
15. Systematic drug literature review for decision making (for given scenario B)