The primary objective of this Lab course is to develop knowledge and skills in providing pharmaceutical care in the real-world setting to train them as a successful clinical pharmacist. For this purpose, clerkship program of 8 weeks will be mandatory for everyone during which they will learn differential diagnosis related to disease, patient counselling and communication in accordance with the ethical practices as per health care rules.


CLO: 1. To Develop and exercise professional judgement.
CLO: 2. To Manage drug-related problems and formulate recommendations to resolve potential and existing problems.
CLO: 3. To develop the intern’s communication skills with his/her colleagues, the pharmacy and medical team, the patients and their relatives.


1. Clerkship in the Clinical Setting. A project Related to Clinical Pharmacy Practices will be completed by the students and will be evaluated by the external examiner.
2. Students are required to participate in verbal presentation, communication, written and problem-solving skills, critical analysis of data and provision of care through a weekly conference and projects.