Annual Research Book

Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST) Islamabad is a dynamic institution that acts as a catalyst of change to mold the society in cast of knowledge based economy by pro-actively contributing towards the troika of industry, academia and the government. The Annual Research Book showcases university research culture & innovation and entails the contribution of CUST towards the body of the world of scientific and engineering literature.

BIM Centre of Excellence

The Office Research Innovation and Commercialization and Department of Civil Engineering in collaboration with H-CUBE Group of Companies have achieved a milestone towards Industry Academia Linkage by establishing BIM Centre of Excellence (BIM CoE) at CUST to offer international level courses and certifications for students and professionals.

R & D Radar Projects

CUST is at the forefront of the R&D horizon of Pakistan. Pioneering work in Radars is a major feather in its cap. ORIC is working hard to get this technology disseminated to the industries in Pakistan. Currently, two projects with Pakistani radar industries have been initiated.

Honda Car Controller

Automotive industry is thriving in Pakistan but unfortunately the R&D ventures between the industry and academia are at the minimum. CUST is actively pursuing automotive R&D with focus on Engine Control Units and Fault Diagnostic devices such as scanners. Besides, producing research of international repute CUST has produced products like Fault Scanners and third party engine control units.

App Development Incubation Lab

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization in association with department of Computer Science has established the App Development Incubation lab at Capital University of Science & Technology, Islamabad. The purpose of given incubation center is to provide a platform to students where they can practice their technical, innovative and freelancing skills for comprehensible earning.

Incubation of Tech Flickers

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization has initiated an incubation company entitled “Tech Flickers” at Capital University of Science & Technology, Islamabad. Dean Research & Innovation, Prof. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti have laid his special devotion to make this workroom possible. Tech Flickers is a SECP registered Start-Up incubated by two of the much endowed Computer Science graduates, Mr. Arslan Akram and Mr. Shoaib Ali in collaboration with ORIC. The company provides services in different areas of software development. The company provides its services in following major domains:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • SEO
  • Web Security
  • Malware Analysis
  • Data Security
  • Computer & Web Forensics
  • Desktop Application Development