Research Group of Industrial and Manufacturing

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The group aims to tackle industrial and manufacturing problems to provide sustainable solutions. It includes the area of operations research, supply chain management, logistics, scheduling & planning and industrial scale optimization.


Sr. No. Name
1 Dr. Taiba Zahid
2 Dr. Salman Sagheer Warsi
3 Mr. Muhammad Ali
4 Mr. Saheeb Ahmed
5 Mr. Emmad Adil
6 Mr. Farwa Haider

Recent Research Activity

Sr. No. Name
1 Robust scheduling for resource constrained projects
2 Business Frameworks for Industry 4.0
3 Crowd-sourcing with Ad-hoc drivers
4 Efficient material provisioning systems for decentralized ERPs
5 Modeling and Simulation via Siemens Plant Simulation
6 Modern Trends in Supply chains