This laboratory course introduced students to procedures for handling microbes, methods of identification of microorganisms (microscopic and by diagnostic media), preparation of stained slides and wet mounts, aseptic techniques, isolation of a single colony, preparation of a pure culture, inoculation and interpretation of select diagnostic tests.


CLO: 1. Understand safety measures, concepts and the investigative procedures of Microbiology Lab.
CLO: 2. comprehend the basic of microbiological techniques
CLO: 3. Be able to display good interpersonal communication and act as an effective team member by completing assigned Lab tasks


1 Introduction To The Laboratory And Safety Protocols
2 Microscopy And Cell Types
3 Aseptic Technique And Media Preparation
4 Staining
5 Culturing: Media Selection And Inoculation Techniques
6 Bacterial Growth
7 Bacterial Growth
8 Pour‐Plate Techniques
9 Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
10 Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
11 Identification Of An Unknown Bacterium
12 Antiseptics & Disinfectants
13 Antiseptics & Disinfectants
14 Isolation Of A Microorganism From The Environment Of Choice
15 Maintenance Of Pure Cultures
16 Structure Stain (Endospore Staining)